Take design outdoors..

The outdoor areas of our homes are equally as important to think about when furnishing as the interior. Ideas such as seating, pool copings, sundials, feature stone sculptures, benches and water features can all be created from natural stone and add such an area of interest to your space.

PIPER & ROSS are able to create your thoughts into a reality and can help with the designs and drawings for your custom piece. With almost endless possibilities of stone available to you we can work closely with you or your designer to get the piece just right. We welcome tying other mediums in with the stonework, talk to us about how we can incorporate stainless steel, wood, copper and resin's into your design.

With our straight edging machine we are able to cost effectively product many different edge detailing for standard and non standard pavings, allowing you to easily have pool copings, pond walls or flat wall copings to give an extra touch of detail that can be sometimes a place that is over looked.