Start cleaning, properly. 

Over the past 60 years the Lithofin Range developed into a comprehensive programme for professionals and homeowners that leaves nothing to be desired. Lithofin has remained part of Mark Tilley's stonemasonary skillset for over 20 years.

The professional German technology is unmatched to any products on the market currently, and although its huge in the Stone and Ceramics industry and favoured by tile fixers and stone masons alike we're left wondering why everybody isn't wiping their bench tops down with the cult product MN Easy-Clean at the end of the day!

Piper & Ross are bringing Lithofin to the everyday consumer and making these professional products more attainable and less daunting. The illustrations and descriptions on the product labels as well as in brochures make it easy to choose the right product and troubleshoot problem areas. The ease of use and professional quality satisfy the do-it-yourself enthusiast’s demands.

High quality is at the heart of what Lithofin does hence it was a natural fit to Piper & Ross. The product quality is a result of on-going laboratory work and practical testing based on the experience of experts. The Lithofin programme sets the standard in product quality and it meets the professionals’ expectation of effectiveness as well as the end consumers need for ease of use


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